Dry Shampoo - Could you be using it all wrong ?

If you don’t like dry shampoo then you are most likely using it WRONG.

In recent times we have seen a massive revival in dry shampoo. Almost EVERY professional hair care brand has one these days but I hear from people every now and then that they just cant get the hang of it or they find it feels “funny” or they don’t think they like it. My advice is if you feel this way then you are most likely using it wrong.

Here is a list of common mistakes people make with a dry shampoo & my top tips on how to get the most out of your dry shampoo. I enjoy using Affinage Dri Clean which i use as a stylist often.


Spraying it way to close.

To avoid a chalky build up lightly spray your dry shampoo approximately 10cm away from your root area while still aiming at it you roots.


Spraying root to tip.

Dry shampoos are designed to absorb oil so if you spray it through your ends they will look lackluster and may feel rough. Use dry shampoo to absorb oil at your root area and forget the ends, as chances are they are already dry therefor they do not need dry shampoo on them. If your ends are super dry you could try using a nice ends serum like Affinage quick dry serum.


Immediately rubbing it in after spraying it on.

Give the ingredients in your dry shampoo like rice powder time to absorb the oil before rubbing it in. My advice would be to leave it for around 2 minutes. Massage it in to your roots then brush your hair.


Not massaging it in.

Don’t just let the dry shampoo sit on the top. After a couple of minutes massage it in around your scalp and roots with your fingers to get the best out of it.


Public service announcement: You may now fall deeply in love with your dry shampoo. It might now even be a little new beauty obsession however I have one final piece of advice/warning PLEASE do not use it EVERYDAY in place of regular shampoo. Use it once or twice between hair washes with your regular shampoo that your stylist has advised you to use. No one wants to risk clogging their hair follicles.