Fashion Colour - The Truth

Creative Fashion Colour …… The honest truth from a stylist. 

Posted 7/2/2018

The initial phase:

We all love the high fashion, pastels, smoky silvers and neon’s that we see on the Internet right? Well as a professional I feel its my duty to inform clients and potential new clients about the fun but also the commitment of having some of these high fashion looks that make your hair SHOUT. Sure they look stunning and they turn heads but they come at a cost. A cost to your pocket and to your time.

As a hairdresser I am always going to jump at the chance to create a fluro pink, bright orange or even a unicorn look but its not able to be done on everybody and it cannot always happen in one appointment.

If you want to go for a crazy high fashion colour I suggest you book a consultation with your stylist before you start booking anything. This will ensure you are on the same page and that any pre appointment testing can be done.


The Process:

First you need to be light and when I say light I mean almost white. This may need to be done over more than one appointment especially if you have old dark colour build up. I like to take a gentle approach to lightening hair so I will chat to my clients and create a plan with them involving lightening sessions and treatments to get maximum lift from their hair whilst minimizing damage. If your lucky enough to have naturally light or already lightened hair provided the condition is good then you might be one of the lucky ones who can achieve their desired look in one session.

Once the hair is light enough and in good condition (Bond builders such as olaplex are the key to keeping the hair strong here) we can then create your custom your fashion colour.


The Upkeep:

Now you’re rocking your awesome fashion colour its time to listen to your stylist about up keep. Please do not even think about fashion colour is your not going to use what your stylist prescribes you. They aren’t trying to “upsell” you like you think. The reality is most fashion shades are semi-permanent shades that are applied to prelightened hair so condition and colour fade can be an issue. Your stylist knows what your hair needs and just because your friend next door finds product “x” works for them it might not be right for you.

As well as good home hair care you are going to need regular salon visits. About every 4-6 weeks to tackle your regrowth and in some cases an appointment in between to bring some vibrancy back.

So basically all I ask is talk and listen to your stylist (hopefully that’s me) and get a really good idea of what you need to do to get to where you are going then long may you turn heads with your bold high fashion look. If you’re not keen on the upkeep that’s fine because as stylists we can still create looks that SHOUT without using high fashion vivid semi permanent tones.

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