Why I have chosen to be a cruelty free salon

Posted 27/7/16

Why have I chosen to be a cruelty free salon?


As a hairdresser for over 15 years I use so many products on a daily basis. I have decided to make it a huge part of my brand to only use products that aren’t tested on animals.


The reason I have chosen to do this is because I am hugely against animal testing so I do not want to deal with brands that partake in this practice. I believe it is cruel and unnecessary.  Way to many major beauty brands still partake in this cruel practice.


So when you sit in my chair or purchase from my website you can sleep easy knowing that no animals where harmed to make the product you are using.


The professional colour I use is made in Australia and is also cruelty free. Affinage Australia make sure all their products are cruelty free which I LOVE about them.  They make an ethical product that preforms so well.


I also like to use products by Eleven , Vani-t and olaplex and Malibu C.  These companies don’t preform animal testing and Eleven ,Affinage and Malibu C  have had their products endorsed by PETA. Malibu C is also vegan.


Here are some links stating the stance the companies I am working with have on Animal Testing.


Affinage Professional


Eleven Australia


Malibu C


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the fact I only use cruelty free products. No animals are harmed for the sake of good hair here.